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afternoon. you tube celebrating a big achievement. taking that into perspective google says nearly one out of every two people go to you tube and the audience is the equivalent of the audience for 10 super bowls. google taking aim at ever note. the search giant just released it's own note-taking app called google keep. the app let's you store notes, photos and more. amazon kindle appears to be the android tablet of choice. 28% of the market while samsung has just 7%. both companies way behind apple which commanded 45 mrs% share. concern over european debt overshadowed positive data sending stocks lower. your bloomberg silicon valley index lower on shares of oracle and cisco. and march madness tips into high gear today, one fan is marissa my yes, she tweeted out she set up a bracket and urged torjz come play against her. at bloomberg studios in san francisco, i'm emily chang, back to you. >> thank you. >> two an expedition by jeff besos pulled up engines after lift off he just fell back into the ocean. >> spencer christian is here with weather. >> i think you can hold off three minutes. >>
. google is taking street views adding trails from world's tallest mountains. on street view, you can share pictures as well as tallest mountains in europe and south america, also google added pictures from the grand canyon. carolyn, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> there is an urgent plea for help from alameda county food bank. >> they'll be out of donations by the end of the week. many shelves are empty at berkeley food pantry. the demand is expected to rise during next week. the kids are home for spring break but fewer donations and a short fall has left the food banks 3,000 donation barrels empty at this point. they're asking for the public to help. >> we're in a season where people kind of forget hunger is still an issue. it's a growing issue. we see more and more people each month our line goes on forever, it seems with peoples' needs. >> we have links on our web site how to donate go. to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> across the bay a donation of eggs came just in time to help out hungry residents. san jose's egg ranch dropped off 32,000 eggs at the sf food bank don
are not looking promising now. >> up next, the google contest for children across the nation to show off their artistic side. >> pope francis surprises yet another person with his behaviors. >> tell kids to go doodle. >> yes. it's time for the doodle google contest. submigs being accepted and students from kindergarten to 12th grade encouraged to create a design. you're looking at winners from past two years. this year's ep theme my best day ever. >> yes. play less, doodle more. talking about creatist. a 9-year-old girl it to prove her brothers wrong. >> she's a fund raising machine. the third grader wants to create a role-playing game and wanted to pay for it herself. her brother said she could not do it. she's raising money through the web site kick starter to pay for tech camp to learn how to make a game. the camp costs $829. she's raised $17,000 in just two days. you saw the brothers there. defeated. no word on what she's going to do the extra money. it's a fantastic story. >> gi joe gets an advanced screening. >> here is tony cabrerra with today's hollywood report. >> nearly 47 year
:00. a reminder abc 7 news alarm clock app is available now for your android and on google play. it's still available if have you an iphone. >> what it took to end a debate about how to fix that road. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. chances of showers this week, i'll let you know if this will affect your eastern plans coming up. >> checked with amber alert. and the plates matched. >> an alert worker turns crime fighter helping police rescue a baby from a car. you'll hear from him as well as the first officer on the scene, next. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> there is relief that a baby girl is safe after a five-hour ordeal to find her. >> her mother says the jeep was stolen near highway 680. the jeep was found about six miles away near east capitol expressway. we have live team coverage. sergio, let's begin with you. >> the baby found close to a community center, you can see on the field there is a a couple baseball play glerz this alley. the jeep spotted here by a worker in this air. you can see she was taken so san jose, found to julio. >> i saw a car that doesn'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4